Seminole ISD Finds Flexibility in Foodservice with TITAN—A LINQ Solution

Seminole ISD

Cindy Therwhanger, Food Service Director at Seminole ISD, a Texas district of 2,900 students, experienced many of the same challenges others in the industry have faced.

Students and parents were caught in a web of different apps, forced to click around several times for what should have been one simple action and getting frustrated with the loss of valuable time. In addition, Therwhanger and her team struggled to keep up with the various platforms needed to complete everyday tasks.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with a big decision: do you stick to the familiar or seek out a better option? But making a change can make a huge impact. Therwhanger made the choice to try something new: an integrated, cloud-based solution designed specifically for K-12 nutrition programs and their directors. 

The Difference TITAN–A LINQ Solution Makes

Accessibility, Anytime and Anywhere

The old nutrition management system for Seminole ISD was not user-friendly.

“The software used multiple apps to view menus, student free/reduced lunch applications, and account payments. Parents were limited to what they could do with student accounts,” Therwhanger said.

With the new system, parents and students are now able to access applications and manage their accounts through one portal. That means using only one login and one screen to do everything they need to do! Best of all they’re able to manage their accounts from anywhere that has an internet connection, and at any time that’s most convenient for them. 

Streamlined Processes 

The jobs of foodservice workers are extremely important. And their importance is often overlooked. They’re responsible for serving nutritious meals to anyone––students, teachers and guests–who comes through their line. Also, they must track food inventories, enter meals served in a system, and so many more administrative tasks that can take up a lot of valuable time.

The fully integrated TITAN Menu Planning system allows users to create cycle or calendar-based menus all from one screen.

“The menu planning program is great once you input items. Having the ability to view on-hand inventory helps control costs,” Therwhanger said. “One of our favorite features is the ease of adding students from the DC list monthly. Our district saves time while efficiently adding students to the program.”

For Therwhanger, as for any Food Service Director, the priority is making sure her team has what they need to be successful. With the TITAN system, Therwhanger’s staff can use the user-friendly tool to plan their menus ahead of time, and even view and track their inventory in real-time!

Better, Personalized Support 

Taking the leap to purchase an entirely new software system is not without its fair share of risks. Many districts often get hung up on the implementation process. A shiny new system sounds really great until you stop and ask yourself, “How am I going to use this thing and teach my team to use it efficiently as well?

Therwhanger searched for a system that came with the support of K-12 nutrition experts who went beyond basic set up. The LINQ support team worked closely with Therwhanger’s team, implementing the TITAN solution on a timeline that worked for her program. They also offered support around the clock. Yes, even after the sale!

“Customer service has been a great plus. While training and implementing, our trainers were available at all times and were eager to help us as needed,” Therwhanger said. “The training was presented in a smooth and efficient manner. We love TITAN!”

TITAN support is made up of a group of industry veterans who have firsthand experience with the challenges school nutrition teams face each day. In addition to their readily available support, users have access to a robust learning management platform to help them learn and adopt the TITAN platform quickly and easily. 

Gain Flexible Foodservice with TITAN

School nutrition is an ever-evolving and often challenging industry. And yet, it is arguably the most important aspect of a child’s school experience. After all, students can’t learn on an empty stomach! School nutrition programs need the support of an experienced, innovative and trusted partner. One that understands the struggles they face day in and day out. A partnership like this one really is invaluable. 

Nourish Success with TITAN–A LINQ Solution

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