Lunch Room Promotion: Get Creative on National Sandwich Day

club sandwhich

Looking for a creative promotion to help boost lunch room participation in November? One simple way to keep things fresh is to feature food items that tie into awareness days, weeks, or months. 

Since November 3 is National Sandwich Day, why not try some new sandwiches in your cafeteria?

One fun National Sandwich Day promotion you can try in your lunch room is to host a tasting day. Feature creative sandwiches you’ve never served before that students may not otherwise try. They may just discover tasty and healthy sandwich combinations that are new to them. Some sandwiches to try include chicken and pineapple or a turkey burger, a lower-fat alternative to the classic cafeteria hamburger. 

Don’t forget about breakfast! Fill whole-grain wraps, bagels and English muffins with breakfast-type foods, like eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and cheese. Not only is this a great way to get students engaged in your meal program, but you can also discern which new recipes could be big sellers in the future. 

National Sandwich Day isn’t the only occasion you can use a theme to boost lunch room participation. National Day Calendar is a great resource to find niche holidays and awareness dates for just about anything on every single day of the year. Explore some upcoming options and get creative!

Want more ideas to help market your child nutrition program? Check out our customizable meal promotional items.  

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