Elkie The Elf Increases Elementary School Breakfast Participation

Nutrition Director, Debbie McCoin catches Elkie the Elf creating mischief as part of a promotion to increase school breakfast participation.

Debbie McCoin, Director of Food Services for Elkin City Schools, and colleague Connie Snider created a promotion in their elementary school cafeteria to increase school breakfast participation.

Elkie, an Elf on a Shelf elf, visits the Elkin Elementary School’s lunchroom in December. Elkie gets into all kinds of mischief—moving cafeteria tables to create a playground, peeking out from Santa’s sleigh atop the cafeteria lunch line sneeze guard, and even hanging from banners–and it’s all tied to a contest.

Students competed to be the first to find Elkie each morning in December. The first student to tell their cashier where they found Elkie while making a breakfast or snack purchase received a sticker. The student with the most stickers at the end of the month won a prize. 

This fun activity increased school breakfast participation close to 25% in the month of December (2015).

McCoin told Elkin Tribune, “the kids really love it. You can see as they walk in the door their little eyes are searching quickly all over the cafeteria to find Elkie first.”

Congratulations to McCoin, Snider and the cafeteria staff at Elkin Elementary School for such a creative and successful cafeteria promotion for the holiday season! If you’re looking for creative ways to increase participation in your lunchroom.

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