Back to School: Let’s Broc n Roll into the School Year

let's broc n roll into the school year broccoli playing guitar on dark and light green background back to school infographic

Summer is here and the weather is beautiful. Kids are enjoying their time outdoors, playing with friends and families are taking wonderful vacations. But the upcoming year is just around the corner, so it’s officially time to celebrate the back to school season!  

Are you prepared for 2021-2022? 

Each year, teachers gather a list of supplies for students to bring on the first day of school. These lists include items such as a box of crayons, notebooks, pencils, and of course, those lovely boxes of tissue! Each item is meant to help the students and teachers have a successful and productive year.  

To keep with this theme, we have put together a back-to-school supply list for your lunchroom! From a robust and powerful nutrition solution to eye-catching marketing tactics, we have it all.

As one of the most exciting places in the entire building, your lunchroom should pack a big punch! It’s a place that should run efficiently so you can focus on what matters the most – feeding those students! 

Take a look at our list below to see how many you can mark off in preparation for a great 2021-2022 school year!  

Download our FREE meal planning toolkit for tons of actionable tips and tricks for marketing your school menus!


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