7 Great Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

7 Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

As you prepare to wrap things up for the end of 2022, there is one very important thing to consider–how you’ll show your employees appreciation. In fact, according to a Gallup survey, employers who show their employees appreciation are 56% more likely to retain their team. Especially during the holiday season, it is essential to let your team know how much you value their work. Here are some ideas to send everyone into the new year feeling recognized, appreciated, and eager to return after the holiday break.

Tips to Show Your Employees Appreciation During the Holiday Season

1. Buy Your Employees Lunch

A simple surprise can go a really long way. Imagine sitting at your desk, thinking about the boring sandwich or cup of yogurt you brought for lunch, and your boss walks in to let you know that your lunch is served. What a nice, sweet way to show your employees you care. 

2. Host a Holiday Party or Cocktail Hour 

Organizing an event outside of the office allows for socializing and camaraderie that we don’t always get these days. Hosting a holiday party or cocktail hour brings the whole team together and is a fun way to show how much you value your team. 

3. Encourage Employees to Recognize Each Other

Recognition doesn’t always have to come from leadership. In fact, it can be extremely gratifying for employees to be recognized by members of their own team. Create a community shout-out board – in person or virtually – where team members can leave kudos for each other. This is something that can be left on display after the holidays are over as well.

4. Leave a Hand-Written Thank You Note 

Never underestimate the power of words of appreciation. Take the time to hand-write a thank you note, expressing your gratitude for members of your team. This will be more time-consuming but much more meaningful. It is also something employees can keep with them to read over and over and continue to feel encouraged.

5. Encourage Wellness 

Employee wellness is such a hot topic, and for good reason. People do their best work when they are feeling their best, both physically and mentally. Encourage your team to take care of themselves. This can be as extravagant as a gifted gym membership, or as simple as encouraging fully unplugged time off. Note: as a leader, it’s essential to lead by example and take unplugged time away from work yourself! 

6. Give Opportunities to Give Back

Especially during the holiday season, it is important to give to those in need. Encourage your employees to take paid time off to volunteer, either as a group or individually, at organizations that are important to them. 

7. Organize a Fun Gift Exchange

Take a break from traditional gift exchanges and create a gift that keeps on giving. Buy a gift for one of your team members with a note that they must buy a gift for someone else. Then, the recipient of that gift buys a gift for someone else in the office and so on, until everyone on the team has received a present. This is a fun way to keep the holiday spirit going for days or even weeks. 

The Time it Takes to Show Appreciation is Always Time Well Spent

No matter how you choose to show appreciation to your team, know that the effort it takes you is well worth it. Whether you decide to host a holiday party, start a gift exchange, or buy everyone a gym membership, your team will feel valued and that is priceless. Stay connected with us for more ideas on fostering a culture of appreciation now and in the future. 

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