Here’s Why School Automation Will Change Education

School Automation

Here’s Why School Automation Will Change Education

The administration of a school is no easy undertaking and, unfortunately, it comes with a lot of paperwork, which is why it’s understandable that school automation is revolutionizing education.

Technology is changing, leading to greater efficiency and streamlining in all businesses. So it’s about time that we use this technology in education. Let’s look at some of the major ways that automation will change education forever.

Recording Attendance

Ask any teacher or front office staff and they’ll tell you how important taking daily attendance is. Schools get their funding based on the number of students that show up each day. That process begins with keeping a thorough record of each student’s presence. It’s also one of the easiest things to forget! Attendance gets taken twice a day, at specific times. The average classroom is extremely busy, no matter the time of day. Stopping to take attendance is a major time waster. 

Automating the attendance process cuts down on the time spent each day recording who is at school and who isn’t. Rather than going through roll call, the teacher can mark “absent” or “present” for each student. Even better, there is an option to “mark all present” so there’s no need to click next to each individual name. The system time-stamps the information and sends it to a master database. It’s as simple as that! 

Streamlined Enrollment 

Imagine a world where front office staff doesn’t worry about trying to decode handwriting and manually go through every box on every form to make sure it’s checked.  

Automating this process allows administrators to make fields mandatory, preventing users from being able to leave anything blank. Parents can review the progress of their paperwork, and school staff don’t have to worry about filing it away – the system does that for them!


Many colleges and universities use electronic course registration. As the progress towards fully automated schools continues, this will only grow. Students will be able to see which courses are available to them and plan their ideal schedule, while instructors and staff can easily determine their class load for the upcoming semester and plan accordingly. As the move to automate the schools gathers steam, this will only spread.

Human Resources

Streamlining all things related to human resources is a major benefit of school automation. If current teachers and staff  manage their information online – from leave requests to personal information updates – it frees up time that could be used to focus on their job. 

Not to mention, school automation would make the onboarding process smoother and more efficient as well. Your central office staff wouldn’t have to worry about tracking down references or certifications for new teachers. These files would be uploaded to an online profile, and saved to a profile that follows the employee through any changes in position.  This way, new team members spend less time doing paperwork and get into their roles, where they are needed, sooner.  

Maintenance Requests

Paperwork bottlenecks maintenance requests. We’ve all experienced the scenario where a request never even made it into the hands of the person who can take care of it, prolonging the much-needed repair even further. 

Using a school automation tool can streamline the logistics of maintenance so that staff can submit requests and have them delivered immediately to the right personnel. In addition, staff and maintenance personnel can each keep track of the progress of a request through the automatic log. 

Transportation Requests

Getting students to and from school is an important task.  It’s also not a small one — it’s a huge undertaking! Automated workflows for allow schools to track their transportation needs, student lists, and even expenditures for budget planning. Transportation requests have never been easier! 

Automated Security Systems

Teachers, staff and administrators have so much to worry about. Making sure students get the knowledge they need, ensuring their safety at all times – it’s not easy! Give your school community members one less thing to worry about with automated security systems. While these are no substitute for vigilance and training, they can be an incredible asset to any school security plan. 

Automated systems canv do things like automatically lock classroom doors, activate alerts for the entire school, and much more. 

School Automation—the Educational Wave of the Future

The new technologies of automation are changing the educational system.

School automation is changing the administration of schools, but these systems bring their own unique challenges .Schedule a demo with Script today, and see how we can help you make your school system more efficient than ever with automated workflows. 

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