Key Digital Trends K-12 School Administrators Need to Know for 2022

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Organizations across the nation are taking the lessons learned from the recent past. They’re re-evaluating their processes in search of new ways to run their operations far more smoothly and efficiently. School districts are traditionally slower to adopt new technology, but many have shifted to new tech like digital document management and online school forms. 

Our team of K-12 experts rounded up the top digital trends that district administrators should look for in 2022 and creates a handy report that highlights what you need to know.

In this post, we’ll give you some of the highlights.

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Digital Document Management  

Paper processes are not only inherently slower, but they’re a veritable minefield for mistakes. Just think of the last five forms you handled. Did folks fill out the forms correctly? There was at least one blank form field, right?

Paperless processes significantly reduce the time you spend on the phone, or emailing back and forth, in search of missing information. Streamlined processes make it possible to…

  • Receive notifications for completed forms
  • Provide parents and students instant updates
  • Set up a remote work work environment on a moment’s notice 

Automatically Routed Approvals Across Districts 

Where is your work getting stuck? One trend we see across districts is work getting bottlenecked by approvals. Is paperwork often left sitting on your boss’ desk so that you have to pester them to follow up? If your approval process relies on too many people, it may be time to consider using a tool that helps you keep track of everything.

With automated workflows, your district can do the following:

  • Keep your momentum (and paperwork) moving
  • Gain insight into areas creating bottlenecks
  • Get feedback or ask for corrections with the click of a button

On top of that, take advantage of features that automatically send reminders to people who have left sections of a form blank. How is that for a time-saver? 

Technology Solutions as an Extension of Your Team

Across the globe, people are re-evaluating how they spend their time. The Great Resignation has inspired employees to leave their jobs in droves. As a result, the remaining folks must do more with less.

You may not be able to fill the seat next to you, but you can implement the use of technology tools that alleviate some of the workload. Automation is the key to bridging the gap between staffing shortages and success. 

Just think of the many processes you and your team do manually: filing paperwork, moving forms from one room to the next. And then consider how much time you could save if these processes were automated.

Imagine a product that could break down each of your processes, keep track of your progress, and identify who is responsible for which parts. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

Ready to Digitize Your School Forms? 

The students of today need an educational experience that will prepare them for the mostly digital world they live in. As you know, the experience they have in the classroom is affected by aspects of the district that stem from the way it is run on a day-to-day basis. Following digital trends, like paperless processes and automatic approvals, is one way to ensure your district is running as smoothly as possible.

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