Top 5 Signs Your Department Needs an Efficiency Upgrade

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School districts across the globe aim for as much efficiency as possible to ensure a smooth and enjoyable educational experience for their students. However, many districts could use a departmental efficiency upgrade. 

Misplaced paperwork and equipment, outdated parent contact information and student health information are all just a small example of some of the problems that a lack of efficiency in schools can cause. 

Here, we’ve put together a list of signs that your department could use an efficiency upgrade:  

1) You’re Still Collecting Paper Attendance

You lose valuable class time if your school still asks teachers to send students to the office with paper attendance. Technology has advanced enough that now there are many software options that automate this process for you, making life easier for teachers, students and front office staff. 

With systems like SchoolTool and PowerSchool, you can easily take attendance every period, mark tardies, and view absences digitally.  Plus, this doesn’t require a student from every class to be wandering the halls or missing vital instruction time.

2) Your Gradebook is Still an Actual Book

Most schools have adopted online gradebooks, yet there are still schools that have yet to see the benefits of making that switch. 

Online gradebooks are great for saving time when inputting grades, creating assignments, calculating averages, and seeing which students are missing which assignments.  Most also allow parent access, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with parent phone calls and emails asking about which assignments students are missing. 

Also, by digitizing student report cards and progress reports, your school increases the likelihood that parents will actually see their students’ grades and they won’t disappear into a student’s backpack, never to be seen again. 

3) You Are Still Using Paper to Communicate with Parents 

If you are still sending home notices to parents/guardians via handouts to students, what are the chances that any parent is getting that information? In our experience,  those are usually the pieces of paper that our janitors clean out of lockers at the end of the year.  

Using software like LINQ allows you to be in contact with parents whenever you need to relay information. Got an upcoming field trip? Want to schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference? Need to let them know about a school day cancellation?  You can do all of that and more in no time at all. Plus, you’ll cut down on your paper waste. Win-win. 

4) Your Student Files are in Actual File Cabinets 

Far too many schools still have that one room designated for stacks of filing cabinets. This creates the potential for so many issues, from missing paperwork and ripped documents to sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. 

By digitizing student records, you eliminate these problems and add the advantage of clearing space, keeping information password-protected, and providing access to whoever needs it. 

Having the files saved to a cloud database makes access quicker and easier for everyone involved. Now, your staff can easily send documents virtually, saving valuable time and hassle. Who doesn’t want that?  

5) You Still Use Paper Receipts and Have To Track People Down For Signatures

This one’s for our office workers. Imagine automatic payments and documentation with no more tedious paperwork. By conducting all of your transactions electronically, the recipient immediately receives an email receipt. And simultaneously, a copy is saved to your cloud database where you can access it at any time. 

Your spreadsheets can be accessed easily and altered when needed. In case of an audit, you won’t have to spend hours filing through paperwork and receipts. This is also super helpful when trying to communicate and confirm spending for school clubs and organizations. Sharing a digital form or spreadsheet with the advisors allows them to add their information and saves you the hassle of tracking them down.  

Electronic signatures are actually safer than your typical pen-to-paper type; encrypted technology assures you will have traceable evidence of who signed it, where, and when. Paper signatures can be copied and forged, but electronic signatures are extremely valid.  Safer, faster and more convenient? Where do we sign up? 

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