How to Improve Communication in Your School


Think of all the time spent on correspondence; calling parents, emailing your administrator, walking from teacher to teachers’ room, bringing forms to correct departments and so on.  Using an automation software like LINQ can save a ton of time by enabling you and your co-workers to send direct messages, reminders, and setting workflows that get your forms sent to all the right people with one click.

Improve Parent Communication:

Implementing a software app as a form of communication with parents changes the game.  By having parents sign up through a system, or for some applications they simply respond to a text message, you no longer have to worry about having their correct phone number on file or catching them when they’re home.  It also encourages the teacher to reach out more because of the ease and how quick it can be to send a heads up to the parent of a struggling student or a congratulatory message that applauds a student’s work. It’s almost mandatory when taking a class trip. Regardless of whether Jimmy left his inhaler at home or Sarah forgot her lunch money, you can immediately inform the parent of what’s going on.  You can also set reminders for parents for anything from alerting them to a project’s due date, field trip, or sending back a permission slip.

The other great part of this is how easily parents can contact you.  A quick note informing you of things like a student had a rough night, has an ill family member, has an upcoming vacation, or is struggling on homework and is too nervous to ask for support is all helpful to you.

Improve Office and Administrative Communication:

Being able to immediately send and receive forms saves time.  No more walking to and from the main office or sending interoffice mail that may take a couple days to be acquired.  Software apps allow you to be immediately alerted when you have something to complete, lets you instantly send back a completed form and even saves a copy for your own records; all in a neat and tidy electronic database rather than crumpled at the bottom of your desk drawer.

Administrators should also be utilizing automation tools to communicate with their employees.  Send out alerts quickly and efficiently, have employees take surveys to improve school climate, and use to communicate with specific teachers when needed.

Automating workflow simplifies the process for all involved and creates efficient communication between all parties.  For a field trip for example, the teacher will set a workflow that sends a request to the principal, and if approved, be sent on to the superintendent or other administrator, then sent back in a timely manner, giving the teacher ample time to then send out to parents. Parents can then send their child’s permission slips and anything else the teacher requests.  Now, all parties have all of the information at their fingertips!

To learn more about Script and how to streamline your K12 school processes such as field trips, aftercare, parent purchases, digital permission slips, please feel free to book a demo.

This article is written by Lauren Bubb, an English Teacher at Frankfort-Schuyler Central Schools
To reach Lauren, please contact here.

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