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When you want to improve process efficiency in your school, it’s vital that you have a method to track progress.  After all, if you don’t know where you’re starting, you won’t know if you are improving. By using LINQ’s IDEA model, schools can self-evaluate and determine if there are areas to improve efficiency.

What is the IDEA Model?

The Individual Digital E-file Automation (IDEA) model gives schools a vision of how efficient processes can benefit administrators in your district. The program points to specific areas where improvement can be made to procedures at your school. The best part is that any department can be evaluated with this model — Curriculum, Business Office, Human Resources, Custodial, and more.

Many schools have automated some of their processes, but there isn’t a comprehensive program that helps schools evaluate their transition to paperless. The IDEA model does that. It checks your workflow and can identify hiccups in your operations. The program provides a standards-based approach that can assess district-wide affairs.

Improve Workflow Automation and Process Efficiency

So how does this work? Solutions like LINQ help to improve workflow automation and process efficiency in your schools. Digitizing your school’s workflow optimizes all departments and saves employee time that can be used for other important tasks.  

It identifies if your department is wasting time or resources on things like getting signatures, filing paperwork, waiting on supervisors to confirm or approve necessary work, or even how efficient your email/communication system is.

Instead of wasting time on tedious, clerical tasks, employee time is better used helping students or tending to parent communication with the goal of student achievement. Free from the burden of distributing or collecting paperwork, teachers have more time to focus on collaborative, hands-on learning environments to engage student growth. 

Having a paperless school also makes locating documents and forms as easy as clicking a button. Lost information, lesson plans, documents, etc. are a thing of the past.

Who Doesn’t Want to Save Time?

It is said that managers spend approximately eight hours a week on administrative tasks. That’s a full work day! That precious time could be spent cultivating better relationships with employees, fellow teachers, students, and parents, with the goal of creating a fundamentally stronger and efficient school. 

Academic figures harp on the need for our students to be ready for the workforce by acquiring 21st-century skills, yet our schools are not following the same advice. We have to make it make sense! 

By delegating tasks that can be automated to a system such as LINQ, your school will see a huge improvement in performance and morale, and why wouldn’t you want that?

Don’t just read about it, be about it! LINQ can work directly with you to help your school become more efficient. Setup a demo today and let’s work together to move education forward.

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