10 Positive Education Influencers on Twitter Who are Keeping us Sane in 2020

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Ever since schools closed their doors in March, administrators have been adapting to the new challenges of running schools during a pandemic.

From working out the kinks of remote learning to ensuring students have access to school meals at home, schools are rethinking how they do just about everything.  

Facing these challenges while working from home can be quite isolating. Luckily, we’ve also found new ways to build community without leaving the safety of our houses.  

For years, school leaders have used social media to connect with their peers across the country to educate, learn and inspire. In a year full of unprecedented obstacles, these online communities have become a lifeline.  

At LINQ, we love to follow education influencers to keep our finger on the pulse. And it seems their positivity is needed like never before.

Education Influencers you Need to Follow on Twitter

Don’t have time to find education influencers on your own? No problem! Here are ten school leaders and organizations that have brightened up our Twitter feed in 2020 with their advice and positivity. 

Tanzy Kilcrease, Ed.D. (@tanzy_kilcrease 

While social distancing, it’s easy to just sit at home on the couch and binge our favorite shows. That’s why we’re glad we follow Tanzy Kilcrease, Assistant Superintendent of Bibb County School District. 

She documents her morning workouts with a smile on her face, encouraging her followers to get up and have a great week! 

Education Week (@educationweek 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our teachers have been on the frontlines of making remote learning work. Education Week has inspired us with their #TinyTeachingStories series where they share stories of teachers’ triumphs and frustrations through 2020.

Joe Urban (@SchoolFoodRocks 

Joe Urban, Director of Food and Nutrition Services for Greenville County Schools, is king at sharing school food photos worth drooling over.

While school meals look a lot different this year, Joe has continued to break the stigma of school food by sharing the delicious and healthy meals his district is serving.  

School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (@SERSofOhio 

The slogan of SERS of Ohio is “Serving the People Who Serve our Schools.” Their twitter account has certainly upheld its mission throughout the year by showing support to the professionals making sure the students of Ohio have a safe and healthy place to learn. 

Chresal Threadgill (@ThreadgillMCPSS) 

Chresal Threadgill of Mobile County Public Schools does a great job of showing the day-to-day life of a Superintendent. From board meetings to visiting students, the photos he shares are guaranteed to make you smile! 

The Superintendents Association (@AASAHQ) 

School leaders have leaned on each other to get their districts through 2020. The AASA is a community where superintendents can come together to do just that. Their webinars are a great resource for professional development that can be done remotely. 

Union County Public School Nutrition Department (@UCPSNutrition) 

School food service employees have worked tirelessly to ensure every student is fed, whether they’re at school or home. Union County’s Nutrition Department has done an amazing job of feeding students while still managing to spread positivity to students every day.  

Dr. Anitra Wells (@LCSSUPT1) 

Superintendent of Lexington City Schools, Dr. Anitra Wells’ Twitter page is filled with posts recognizing the community support efforts going on in her district.

From mask and disinfectant collections to Thanksgiving turkey donations, it’s amazing to see how the district has rallied together to support each other. 

K-12 Dive (@K12DiveNews) 

K-12 Dive has always given us insights on the latest news and trends in K-12 education. This year, their reporting has become more vital than ever.

But their stories aren’t all doom and gloom: K-12 Dive has done a fantastic job of highlighting school leaders who have gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic.  

Marlon Styles (@MCSDSuper 

Remote learning has highlighted the gaps in student equity across the nation. Marlon Styles, Superintendent of Middletown City School District, is committed to ensuring every student has access to the technology they need to succeed and has taken his followers along for the ride.

His hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Earlier this month he was named Superintendent of the Year by K-12 Dive

Connect and Be Inspired by Education Influencers on Twitter

Despite the unexpected stresses and frustrations of 2020, we’ve been able to find new ways of connecting online. And these education influencers have been a key in generating new ideas and staying positive no matter what.

There’s a huge community of school leaders like you on Twitter that are happy to share the lessons they’re learned throughout the pandemic to help you feel a little less alone. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you through the end of the year, give these education influencers a follow on Twitter! 

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