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From claim reimbursements to grant management, LINQ is the only K-12 technology provider on a mission to truly streamline the way districts and state education agencies (SEAs) share information and student data. We're one family of solutions, making schools stronger.

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Our Student-to-State Mission is the Future of K-12 Technology

Collecting and sharing information has gone through many phases, but it’s time for another evolution. Let’s look at how student data between districts and states have evolved over time.

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    The Past:

    Papers and Pens and Reports, Oh My!

    Districts were manually collecting information and reporting it to their states, leading to extra time and unnecessary costs due to human error.

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    The Present:

    Redundancy Remains

    Even though technology changes how school districts report student data to SEAs, both parties still suffer from inconsistent reporting formats.

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    The Future:

    Efficient Reporting for All

    District administrators spend less time on reports and more time on successful outcomes and SEAs get the consistency they crave.

We’re a trusted industry partner by 42 states and 3000 school districts.

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