Education Resource Management

Human Resources

LINQ Human Resources makes life easier for both administrators and employees. With our secure Employee Portal, the communication line between employee and administration is always open. With the ultimate integration between HR and Payroll, LINQ helps districts use every human resource to its fullest, processing multiple jobs and pay types with ease and accuracy


  • Position Management: Create and manage HR positions and assigned general ledger budget codes, with integration with payroll through automated staff actions. Run reports and analytics to project effects of budget changes on HR positions. 
  • Payroll: Unlimited flexibility in pay group, pay type, job, and general ledger code assignments. Exception-based payroll processing includes automated overtime and comp time calculation, handling even the most complex payroll situations. Integrations with the Employee Portal.
  • Employee Portal/Time and Attendance: Payroll-integrated time and attendance reduces error-prone manual time entry and processing time. 24/7 employee access to records – earnings and reimbursements, W-2s, benefit and leave information, professional development tracking. Automated requests for leave, record changes and professional development signup and CEU tracking. 
  • Reporting and Regulatory Compliance: FLSA-compliant job setup and payroll processing. Standard and ad hoc exportable reporting, including time, absence and leave management based on school site/location and security. Federal and state trial balance-based reporting for 941, W-2 and state withholding.