Get organized.
Go Paperless.

Move past paperwork and switch to paperless forms and documents to digitally get work done.

Get Organized

Paperwork is time consuming, not to mention it’s amazing how quickly papers can stack up, spill over, and make a mess out of productivity. With less paperwork, paper forms, and paper processing you can save time, money, and trees!

Gain control over distributing, tracking, collecting and processing forms and documents from the central office to the principal’s office. Gather and keep track of data submissions without having to thumb through paper piles

Take Control

Gain Peace of Mind

School administration and district teams can focus on what’s most important – their staff, students, and communities. Heave a sigh of relief for manual processes turned automated, and flexibility personalized to meet your unique needs.

Get Script and GoPaperless Today

Download our paperless guide and discover why school districts are going going digital this school year!

With Script, a LINQ Solution, your district can digitize a variety of student and parent forms in
minutes – all designed specifically to help schools and school districts move past the paperwork and collect responses faster than ever.

It’s time to simplify your processes and focus on what’s most important – your staff, students, and communities.

Increase Efficacy, Decrease Redundancy: The Paperless Option

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